Figure 6.

High-resolution contrast enhanced microCT imaging allows accurate reconstruction of the maculae in S. tinanti. Comparison with the dissected left saccule, lagena (B; anteromedial view), and the utricle (C; ventral view) and the phalloidin-stained maculae (D-F) shows that end organs, maculae (especially the macula utriculi), and otoliths were reliably reconstructed (A). For a better comparison, semicircular canals including the ampullae were removed from the iodine stained, dissected saccule and lagena (B). ca, anterior semicircular canal; ch, horizontal semicircular canal; cp, posterior semicircular canal; lot, lagenar otolith; ml, macula lagenae; ms, macula sacculi; mu, macula utriculi; sot, saccular otolith; uot, utricular otolith. (A-B): Scale bars, 500 μm; (C-F): Scale bars, 250 μm.

Schulz-Mirbach et al. Frontiers in Zoology 2013 10:63   doi:10.1186/1742-9994-10-63
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